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Pertinent statistics

  • According to Colorado Revised Statute 13-21-111, you are legally allowed to recover compensation from any party who is at least more at-fault for the accident than you. 
  • Passenger car and light truck occupants accounted for 65 percent of traffic fatalities that year. 
  • However, if you are found to be 50 percent or more at fault for causing the accident, you may not recover damages. 
  • If you are found to be less than 50 percent at fault, your compensation will be reduced by the percentage of blame assigned to you.
  • So, for example, if you were speeding and the other driver was drunk, the drunk driver may be 90 percent to blame for the crash, and you may be found 10 percent at fault. 
  • If your damages are determined to be $10,000, then your compensation amount would be reduced by 10 percent. 
  • According to data from the Colorado Department of Transportation , there were 120,000 collisions reported in the state in 2017 alone.
  • According to Colorado Law, you have three (3) years to bring a car accident injury claim. 
  • Drunk driving : According to the Colorado State Patrol , DUI or DUID car accidents led to the tragic deaths of 500 people in a recent year. 
  • According to the Denver Regional Council of Governments , almost 68% of all traffic accidents in Denver occur between two or more vehicles, 17% involve stationary objects, over 7% involve a car that is parked, and over 1% involve a pedestrian.